Jumpers and St Catherine's Hill Community Information

Previous Updates


28/12/17   Local government Reorganisation - BCP Joint Committee December Meeting Notes
28/12/17   Local government Reorganisation - Our report on SOS "Minded To" letter
08/12/17   JSCHRA minutes of 6th December
22/11/17   Local government Reorganisation - BCP Joint Committee November Meeting Notes
17/11/17   Local government in Dorset - CBC Referendum
07/11/17   Local government in Dorset - Submission by the Secretary of State
02/11/17   JSCHRA minutes of 1st November
02/11/17   Bournemouth-Christchurch-Poole - Joint Committee October Meeting Notes
05/10/17   JSCHRA minutes of 4th October
07/09/17   JSCHRA minutes of 6th September
29/07/17   Bournemouth Airport - July minutes
06/07/17   St Catherine's Hill - Friends win Heritage Lottery Fund bid
06/07/17   JSCHRA minutes of 5th July
30/06/17   Local Government Reorganisation - Joint Committees Proposal
30/06/17   JSCHRA minutes of 10th May and 7th June
14/05/17   Your Residents Association Special Notification
11/05/17   WCRA minutes of 3rd May
19/04/17   St Catherine's Hill - Management Plan Update
12/04/17   WCRA Withdraws from ACRA
08/04/17   WCRA minutes of 5th April
30/03/17   WCRA finances - Year End 2016 report
24/03/17   ACRA AGM minutes of 14th March
19/03/17   Local Government Reorganisation - CBC Referendum Report
03/03/17   WCRA minutes of 1st March
09/02/17   WCRA minutes of 1st February
22/01/17   St Catherine's Hill - Heritage Lottery Fund bid
05/01/17   2016 Chairman's Statement
05/01/17   WCRA minutes of 4th January


15/12/16   Christchurch and East Dorset Partnership Budget Consultation 2017/18
08/12/16   WCRA minutes of 7th December
07/12/16   Local Government Reorganisation - WCRA Summary of Reshaping Dorset
05/12/16   Bournemouth Airport - November minutes, Annual Monitoring Report 2015 and bus 14 Timetable
13/11/16   Local Government Reorganisation - Level of Participation in Public Consultation
03/11/16   WCRA minutes of 2nd November
02/11/16   Local Government Reorganisation - Interpretation of Results of Public Consultation
23/10/16   Dorset Waste - Winter 2016 opening hours
10/10/16   WCRA minutes of 5th October
10/10/16   ACRA Discussion with Ian Milner CBC Strategic Director
21/09/16   Christchurch Relief Road - Options Assessment Report
20/09/16   ACRA minutes of 13th September
13/09/16   St Catherine's Hill - Forthcoming Management Works
29/08/16   Local Government Reorganisation - ACRA Financial Analysis
24/08/16   Dorset Waste Household recycling centre charges in Dorset
24/08/16   PCC Summer Newsletter
13/08/16   ACRA CBC Private Sector Housing Assistance Policy
07/08/16   WCRA minutes of 3rd August
03/08/16   Local bus services - More bus will start a new route 24 from 8th August
03/08/16   Bournemouth Airport - July minutes and 2016/2017 Timetable
29/07/16   Notes of a meeting held 26th July 2016 to discuss loss of buses 24 and 111
15/07/16   Recycle for Dorset news Summer 2016
15/07/16   Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals - FT Focus Issue 2 2016
10/07/16   WCRA minutes of 6th July
03/07/16   Marsh Lane School - Location plan of Proposed Traffic Management Features
30/06/16   Local Government Reorganisation - ACRA Summary and Council Structure
26/06/16   WCRA and ACRA letters to DCC regarding withdrawal of local bus services
20/06/16   ACRA minutes of 14th June
03/06/16   WCRA minutes of 1st June
01/06/16   Local Government Reorganisation - ACRA Report on Non-Financial Issues
12/05/16   NHS - Proposals for the future of Dorset's acute hospitals
06/05/16   PCC elections - results
06/05/16   WCRA minutes of 4th May
28/04/16   Local Government in Dorset - DCC Meeting March 2016
13/04/16   PCC Candidates for May elections
11/04/16   Roeshot Hill Gravel Extraction non technical summary
10/04/16   WCRA minutes of 6th April
10/04/16   Bournemouth Airport - March minutes
25/03/16   Recycle for Dorset news Easter 2016
25/03/16   PCC Spring Newsletter
25/03/16   Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals - FT Focus Issue 1 2016
11/03/16   ACRA minutes of 8th March
06/03/16   Marsh Lane School - Chris Chope MP addresses parliament 2nd March
06/03/16   WCRA finances - Monthly and Year End reports added
03/03/16   WCRA minutes of 2nd March
25/02/16   Report on Structure, Functions and Workings of Local Government
21/02/16   Planning - Government Guide to Calling-in planning applications
13/02/16   St Catherine's Hill - Update on Management Plan
11/02/16   Local Government Financial Settlement consultation - Chris Chope MP's letter to ACRA
11/02/16   Local Government Financial Settlement consultation - Rt Hon Greg Clark's letter
08/02/16   WCRA minutes of 3rd February
04/02/16   St Catherine's Hill - Heathland Restoration work at Dudmoor Farm
29/01/16   Structure of Dorset Councils
29/01/16   St Catherine's Hill - Management works at the Christchurch Gun Club site
27/01/16   Marsh Lane School - Revised Highways Proposals and Supplementary Supporting Information
24/01/16   Local Government in Dorset - ACRA letter to Chris Chope MP
24/01/16   Local Identity in Christchurch - Residents letter
08/01/16   Marsh Lane School - Chris Chope letter to the Secretary of State and CSAG reply
07/01/16   WCRA minutes of 6th January
07/01/16   2015 Chairman's Statement
06/01/16   PCC Policing Council Tax Consultation 2016/2017


20/12/15   Letter from Colin Bungey to the Daily Echo
10/12/15   PCC Winter Newsletter
10/12/15   Recycle for Dorset news December 2015
10/12/15   ACRA minutes of 8th December
07/12/15   Marsh Lane School - Planning Application
07/12/15   Local Government Reorganisation in Dorset - Credibility of Financial Analysis
04/12/15   WCRA minutes of 2nd December
02/12/15   Local Government Reorganisation in Dorset - CBC Scrutiny Comm Meeting 8 December
30/11/15   Letter from ACRA to Cllr Ray Nottage
26/11/15   Archaeological investigations at the proposed site of the new Marsh Lane School
25/11/15   Request for Feasibility Study for a Christchurch Relief Road
25/11/15   Letter to ACRA from Cllr David Jones
25/11/15   Cllr David Jones speech made in County Hall - 12th November
24/11/15   Bournemouth Airport - November minutes
14/11/15   Bournemouth Airport - Consultative Committee meeting and Annual Monitoring Report
14/11/15   Neighbourhood Policing Review
14/11/15   CCA November meeting notes
14/11/15   ACRA November meeting with CBC-EDDC Directorate
12/11/15   Christchurch Town Centre Strategy
11/11/15   West Christchurch SNT Newsletter October
11/11/15   Bournemouth Airport - Flybe announces departure
06/11/15   St Catherines Hill Steering Group minutes of meeting 7th October
06/11/15   WCRA minutes of 4th November
02/11/15   ACRA October 2015 meeting with Cllr Robert Gould
18/10/15   DCC Report On Combined Authority
11/10/15   WCRA minutes of 7th October
01/10/15   Message from the Care Quality Commission
24/09/15   ACRA Blog for Local Government Reorganisation
18/09/15   ACRA minutes of 15th September
11/09/15   Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals - FT Focus Issue 3 2015
04/09/15   WCRA minutes of 2nd September
31/08/15   The Temporary 'School within a school' at Twynham: Frequently Asked Questions
23/08/15   A338 Roadworks- dates for your diary
23/08/15   Travel and transport newsletter - focus on A338
12/08/15   Proposed Marsh Lane School: Councillor Robert Gould's reply plus WCRA Comment
11/08/15   Recycle for Dorset news August 2015
11/08/15   St Catherines Hill Steering Group minutes of meeting 23rd April
11/08/15   Bournemouth Airport - AGM minutes July 2015
06/08/15   WCRA minutes of 6th August
28/07/15   Proposed Marsh Lane School: Possible school locations - Google photos
09/07/15   ACRA 2015 meeting with Martyn Underhill - PCC
09/07/15   Proposed Marsh Lane School: Letter to the leader of DCC following presentation 3rd July
07/07/15   Proposed Marsh Lane School: DCC role as LEA in Planning process
04/07/15   Successful completion of Christchurch beach recycling scheme
02/07/15   WCRA minutes of 1st July
20/06/15   ACRA minutes of 16th June
13/06/15   A338 Major Maintenance update
11/06/15   Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals - FT Focus Issue 2 2015
10/06/15   Travel and transport newsletter
31/05/15   Proposed Marsh Lane School: Alternative Site Review
31/05/15   ACRA May 2015 meeting with Cllr Robert Gould
30/05/15   Navitus Bay Developer announces preferred turbine
18/05/15   Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group planned Clinical Service Review
09/05/15   WCRA minutes of 6th May
06/05/15   ACRA Informal Meeting with CBC-EDDC Directorate 29th April 2015
04/04/15   WCRA minutes of 1st April
04/04/15   Report My Loss goes live across Dorset
03/04/15   Devastating fire on St Catherine's Hill
01/04/15   Recycle for Dorset news Easter 2015
01/04/15   Bournemouth Airport - minutes March 2015
31/03/15   A Guide to Public Speaking at Planning Control Committee
29/03/15   Dorset Waste Partnership - Monitoring Officer Issues
15/03/15   Councillor End of Year reports
13/03/15   ACRA Dorset Police Meeting with ACRA 4th March 2015
13/03/15   ACRA minutes of 10th March
13/03/15   Dorset police - Multi Agency Crime Prevention Awareness Day 28th March
11/03/15   Dorset police warning - Hang up on fraudsters
07/03/15   Christchurch and East Dorset Councils celebrating iESE awards success
07/03/15   WCRA minutes of 4th March
05/03/15   Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals - FT Focus Issue 1 2015
05/03/15   WCRA finances - Year End 2014 report added
04/03/15   Proposed Marsh Lane School: Meeting notes 24th Feb
19/02/15   St Catherine's Hill management update
15/02/15   Changes to B3073 and A338 and new Hurn roundabout
07/02/15   St Catherine's Hill - Planned development at the Gun Club
06/02/15   Police information for job seekers
05/02/15   Proposed Marsh Lane School: Potential Road Problems
05/02/15   WCRA minutes of 4th February
31/01/15   Heavy horses used for tree work at St Catherine's Hill
14/01/15   Control of Offshore Wind Turbines Bill
10/01/15   Temporary Infant School at Twynham - update
10/01/15   Travel and transport newsletter
08/01/15   2014 Chairman's Statement
08/01/15   WCRA minutes of 7th January
07/01/15   St Catherines Hill Steering Group minutes of meeting 21st November
07/01/15   Christchurch Infants School Map showing Catchment Area
04/01/15   2014 Crime Stats for West Christchurch


31/12/14   Bournemouth Airport New Routes for 2015
14/12/14   DWP Budget Briefing
14/12/14   Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals - FT Focus Issue 4 2014
14/12/14   Bournemouth Airport - minutes November 2014
13/12/14   Police Precept Consultation
13/12/14   ACRA minutes of 9th December
04/12/14   Recycle for Dorset news December 2014
04/12/14   WCRA minutes of 3rd December
28/11/14   Important Message regarding school admissions
27/11/14   Free parking for Christmas shoppers in Christchurch
26/11/14   Have your say on changes to household recycling centres
20/11/14   Blood Donors needed at Christmas
19/11/14   Christchurch School Update - Letter sent to residents of Marsh Lane
13/11/14   Recent achievements by Christchurch Borough Council
07/11/14   Iceland deposit - update from ACRA meeting
07/11/14   WCRA minutes of 5th November
07/11/14   ACRA November 2014 meeting with Cllr Robert Gould
05/11/14   ACRA Informal meeting with CBC directorate 27th October
03/11/14   Christchurch Hospital redevelopment - November 2014
31/10/14   Presentation by Jackie Groves from DCC Children's Services on new WCRA YouTube channel
28/10/14   Selective tree felling on St Catherine's Hill
26/10/14   Christchurch School Update
26/10/14   PCBA summary of Navitus Bay objections
24/10/14   St Catherine's Hill Management Works
20/10/14   Safer Neighbourhood Team October Newsletter
17/10/14   Christchurch Station Steering Group minutes of 30th September
17/10/14   Half-Year Report from Councillor Phipps
05/10/14   WCRA minutes of 1st October
27/09/14   ACRA Written Representation Regarding Navitus Bay Wind Park
18/09/14   ACRA minutes of 9th September
11/09/14   WCRA minutes of 3rd September
22/08/14   Recycle for Dorset news August 2014
09/08/14   Local Flooding - Notes of meeting held to discuss Christchurch Harbour 28 July
22/07/14   New What's On page - Nature events in Christchurch this summer
03/07/14   WCRA minutes of 2nd July
02/07/14   Tree works in Hurn road - letter to residents
29/06/14   Local Flood Risk Management Survey
26/06/14   St Catherine's Hill Orientation Panel unveiling
19/06/14   PCC Updated Contact Details
19/06/14   Local blood donors needed
16/06/14   PCC Community Remedy Consultation
16/06/14   WCRA finances - May Monthly report
16/06/14   ACRA minutes of 10th June
04/06/14   WCRA minutes of 4th June
05/06/14   Christchurch Hospital Fact sheet - June 2014
02/06/14   CCA minutes of 12th May
01/06/14   Recycle for Dorset news May 2014
24/05/14   WCRA minutes of 7th May
24/05/14   IUCN review of Navitus Bay
17/04/14   Recycle for Dorset news Easter 2014
12/04/14   ACRA minutes of informal meeting with CBC Directorate
12/04/14   ACRA April 2014 meeting with Cllr Robert Gould
04/04/14   WCRA finances - Monthly and Year End reports added
03/04/14   WCRA minutes of 2nd April
23/03/14   Staff Morale levels dropping at Christchurch and East Dorset councils
15/03/14   Airport - Change of Funding Arrangements for Improvements to the B3073
15/03/14   ACRA minutes of 11th March
12/03/14   Christchurch Hospital progress report - Feb/Mar 2014
10/03/14   Lost Trees at Druitt Gardens
08/03/14   Recent flooding in Christchurch - new page
07/03/14   WCRA minutes of 5th March
03/03/14   2013 Chairman's Statement
03/03/14   CCA minutes of 3rd February
01/03/14   ACRA meeting with DCC 6th February
01/03/14   Contact details for road and street light problems
01/03/14   St Catherine's Hill Dog death Update Echo 26th February
25/02/14   ACRA meeting with Martyn Underhill
19/02/14   WCRA minutes of 5th February
13/02/14   Christchurch Hospital progress report - Jan/Feb 2014
12/02/14   Dog death on St Catherine's Hill
06/02/14   Martyn Underhill Police and Crime Plan
05/02/14   St Catherines Hill Steering Group minutes of meeting 14th January
04/02/14   CCA minutes of 6th January
29/01/14   Navitus Bay Timetable and Challenge Navitus Presentation
15/01/14   Better and Safe Journey cards for older and disabled people from First Bus
15/01/14   Morrisons Briefing for Christchurch Planning Control Committee
12/01/14   WCRA minutes of 8th January


24/12/13   St Catherines Hill Steering Group minutes of meeting 14th November
22/12/13   CQC Inspection at Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals
20/12/13   Recycle for Dorset news December 2013
20/12/13   St Catherine's Hill Gun application for thinning licence
14/12/13   CBC-EDDC Proposed changes to Core Strategy open to public consultation
14/12/13   ACRA minutes of 10th December
12/12/13   St Catherine's Hill Hydrology Update
06/12/13   Proposed Co-Op next to Texaco Garage Fairmile Road
05/12/13   Winter Advice from Dorset Councils online
05/12/13   WCRA minutes of 4th December
03/12/13   ACRA minutes of informal meeting with CBC Directorate
12/11/13   ACRA minutes of November 2013 meeting with Cllr Robert Gould
08/11/13   WCRA minutes of 6th November
03/11/13   A Bus Service Petition for DCC to keep local bus services
01/11/13   Christchurch Enquiry Office Change of Provision
28/10/13   Consultation re change of opening hours at Christchurch Police station
26/10/13   CQC Inspection at Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals RBCH Statement
19/10/13   Dorset Waste Collection calendars 2013/2014
18/10/13   Hospital Merger Joint Statement from PHFT and RBCH
18/10/13   Schedule of Tree work in Hurn road
04/10/13   WCRA minutes of 2nd October
03/10/13   Stony Lane Planning Application Documents October 2013
25/09/13   PCC Forum and Surgery Dates
22/09/13   A guide to Hedges, trees and the highway
18/09/13   Community Highway Areas map
15/09/13   ACRA minutes of 10th September
15/09/13   Local NHS Facilities including Christchurch Hospital
15/09/13   Response from the Hospital Trust to questions raised by a local Hospital Trustee
14/09/13   Travel Dorset link for latest travel information
08/09/13   WCRA minutes of 4th September
08/09/13   PCC minutes of 7th August
08/09/13   CCA minutes of 3rd June
03/09/13   Proposed changes to local bus services
22/08/13   Alert - Chalara Ash Dieback
30/07/13   Police PCC Dorset Newsletter Summer 2013
26/07/13   St Catherines Hill Steering Group Minutes of meeting 20th June
21/07/13   WCRA Council Affairs Developments in Dorchester
21/07/13   ACRA meeting with Cllr Robert Gould notes
17/07/13   ACRA Informal meeting with CBC Directorate notes
16/07/13   Historic WCRA and JCCRA minutes from 2004
08/07/13   WCRA minutes of 3rd July
21/06/13   Developing Christchurch Hospital - Summer update
20/06/13   Link to Pokesdown Community Forum
18/06/13   ACRA minutes of 18th June
13/06/13   Alert - The Oak Processionary Moth
13/06/13   School Places in West Christchurch - June 2013
12/06/13   Latest Planning Application for Druitt Hall
27/05/13   Navitus Bay PCBA Meeting at Miramar Hotel of 23rd May
22/05/13   WCRA Police PCC Forum Dates and PCC Spring Newsletter
14/05/13   WCRA Dial-a-Bus Shopping Trips and Excursions
13/05/13   WCRA Police ACRA meeting with Martyn Underhill
01/05/13   WCRA minutes of 1st May
24/04/13   WCRA Police A Safer Christchurch issue 7
09/04/13   ACRA informal meeting with CBC 4th April
07/04/13   WCRA minutes of 3rd April
03/04/13   PCBA Objection of 3rd April
28/03/13   Bill Hoodless Write-up of Meeting of 23rd March
26/03/13   Navitus Bay Meeting of 23rd March
13/03/13   ACRA minutes of 12th March
13/03/13   Airport meeting notes Nov 2012
07/03/13   WCRA minutes of 6th March
06/03/13   Dorset County Council - Bus Consultation Survey
06/03/13   Housing Strategy for Christchurch and East Dorset (2013 to 2016)
02/03/13   2012 Chairman's Statement
19/02/13   Navitus Bay Public Exhibition at Civic Offices - 12th February
17/02/13   Domestic Trees - Notes on the meeting 12th February
10/02/13   WCRA minutes of 6th February
05/02/13   Government Forestry Policy Statement
04/02/13   Christchurch Citizens minutes 7th January
31/01/13   CBC Budget meeting
31/01/13   The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust resubmits plans
25/01/13   St Catherines Hill Steering Group Terms of Reference added
23/01/13   Bailey Drive - Newsflash How to show your support
21/01/13   Navitus Bay Statistics How the proposal has changed
18/01/13   CBC-EDDC Admin Merger Press Release
12/01/13   Navitus Bay ACRA Update and Sailors come out against Navitus Bay
09/01/13   Dorset Waste Update on New Collection Service
09/01/13   Statement from The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
09/01/13   WCRA minutes of 2nd January


22/12/12   St Catherines Hill Steering Group minutes of meeting 22nd November
18/12/12   ACRA minutes of 11th December
17/12/12   WCRA minutes of 5th December
25/11/12   HENRA minutes of 7th November
24/11/12   Domestic Trees - CBC Policy covering the Maintenance of Trees
19/11/12   Playing Pitches Public Consultation
11/11/12   WCRA minutes of 7th November
11/11/12   St Catherines Hill Steering Group minutes of meeting 4th October
07/11/12   Marsh Lane Proposal - Further Updates
05/11/12   Christchurch Citizens minutes 1st October
30/10/12   Navitus Bay - Letters to the Echo
24/10/12   Update on the Supermarkets 23rd October
23/10/12   ACRA informal meeting with CBC 19th October
22/10/12   PACT Minutes from meeting 23rd April
22/10/12   Druitt Hall meeting 27th September
20/10/12   WCRA Police A Safer Christchurch Autumn newsletter
08/10/12   WCRA minutes of 3rd October
08/10/12   ACRA meeting with Christchurch Hospital 3rd October
07/10/12   Bailey Bridge updates
05/10/12   ACRA Supermarkets - CBC Change of direction
01/10/12   Christchurch Citizens minutes 3rd September
30/09/12   Residents Associations meeting 21st September
24/09/12   The Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner
22/09/12   Renewable Energy Conference meeting notes
21/09/12   Potential Sale of Civic Offices
11/09/12   Navitus Bay Wind Farm
09/09/12   Domestic Trees - Trees on Private Property covered by a TPO
09/09/12   Marsh Lane Proposal - Latest Updates
07/09/12   Morrisons Proposal - Pop-up shop in Bridge Street
17/08/12   Bailey Bridge - Proposed Site Opportunities Plan
12/08/12   Bailey Bridge - The Three Supermarkets - ACRA letter to CBC 12th August
10/08/12   Bailey Bridge - CBC reply to ACRA letter of 11th July
05/08/12   Updated St Catherines Hill Management Plan
30/07/12   Marsh Lane Proposal
11/07/12   Bailey Bridge - ACRA letter to CBC following Planning Meeting of 14th June
07/07/12   WCRA minutes of 4th July
05/07/12   Proposed Road Improvements
02/07/12   Bailey Bridge - Special Alert
01/07/12   Christchurch Hospital - Sue Bungey's letter
24/06/12   Bailey Bridge plan update
22/06/12   Bailey Bridge plan passed
22/06/12   Morrisons plan rejected
14/06/12   ACRA minutes of  12th June
14/06/12   Comparison of Airport Parking charges
10/06/12   WCRA minutes of 6th June
10/06/12   ACRA informal meeting with CBC 30th May 2012
01/06/12   St Catherines's Hill Public Consultation - Analysis of Responses
20/05/12   Grass Cutting in the Borough - Council Affairs
15/05/12   Christchurch Hospital News- Feb-Apr 2012
06/05/12   Safer Christchurch newsletter - issue 3
03/05/12   WCRA minutes of 2nd May
25/04/12   Dog Control Consultation
16/04/12   PACT minutes of 24th October
06/04/12   WCRA minutes of 4th April 31/03/12   Feedback Form for new Dorset Waste and Recycling services - now removed
31/03/12   St Catherines Hill management plan - feedback has now closed
29/03/12   Bournemouth airport consultative report - March 2012
20/03/12   Meet your safer neighbourhood officers -  Marlow Drive - 4th April
20/03/12   ACRA minutes of 13th March 2012
20/03/12   Link to Christchurch Home Watch
09/03/12   WCRA minutes of 7th March
01/03/12   Former QinetiQ Site Bailey Drive update
01/03/12   Homewatch - Supermarket bank card thefts
26/02/12   WCRA AGM Minutes of 23rd Feb 2012
21/02/12   New Waste and Recycling Collection Services in Dorset
02/02/12   WCRA minutes of 1st February
23/01/12   St Catherine's Hill & Town Common Management Plan
11/01/12   Morrison's planning application for Stony Lane
06/01/12   WCRA minutes of 4th January


20/12/11   Information on the Association of Chief Police Officers
14/12/11   Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Site Allocations
14/12/11   ACRA minutes of 13th December
08/12/11   WCRA minutes of 7th December
27/11/11   Localism Act receives Royal Assent - Summary and Neighbourhood Planning
26/11/11   Homewatch updates - Dorset Driver courses available
22/11/11   Homewatch updates - Stolen Sembcorp Bournemouth Water signs
06/11/11  What is anerobic digestion? - Dorset Waste
06/11/11  WCRA minutes of 2nd November
03/11/11  Homewatch updates - Oct news and Yellow Pages alert
01/11/11  Weekly Planning application reports
24/10/11  Bailey Bridge Community Engagement Open Day - Saturday 29th October
24/10/11  ACRA Informal meeting with CBC - 20th October
9/10/11   Meeting with Councillor Spencer Flower - 5th October
8/10/11  WCRA minutes of  5th October
1/10/11   Bailey Bridge Consultation - Development Proposal for Redundant Riverside Site
27/9/11  Clearing snow - Updated CBC response
14/9/11  DCC Lights Out Scheme
14/9/11  ACRA minutes of 13th September
09/9/11  WCRA minutes of 7th September
09/9/11  ADW - Autumn 2011 newsletter
30/8/11  Photos added St Catherine's Hill Management plan
28/8/11  Clearing snow - CBC response to question raised in ACRA minutes of 14/6/11
14/8/11  Christchurch puts flood plans into action - Hengistbury Head
05/8/11  WCRA minutes of 3rd August
30/7/11  Local Resident's letter to the Echo after ARC felling on St Catherines Hill
30/7/11  Local Transport Plan on Dorsetforyou website
18/7/11  Homewatch Messages 
16/7/11  St Catherines Hill after ARC felling
14/7/11  Druitt Gardens refurbishment
13/7/11  Hydrology Report produced October 2010 - Full and Summary versions
07/7/11  WCRA minutes of 6th July
07/7/11  Independent Panel on Forestry - WCRA Response
24/6/11   ACRA meeting with CBC 20th June 2011
23/6/11  Update - St Catherine's Hill and Town Common management plan
16/6/11  ACRA Minutes of 14/6/11
08/6/11  Police contact details
08/6/11  Planning - Applications and Appeals - these will be updated on a weekly basis
04/6/11  WCRA minutes of 1st June 
30/5/11   Independent Panel on Forestry – Call for Views
12/5/11  ACRA Dorset Police Investigation of Road Deaths
07/5/11  WCRA minutes of 4th May 
03/5/11  Christchurch hospital  - commentary on Draft Annual Plan 
19/4/11  CBC Management Team 
13/4/11  ACRA Minutes of 12/4/11 
13/4/11  ACRA - Alliance of Christchurch Residents' Associations replaces FORCEDA
11/4/11  Airport Consultative Committee Meeting notes