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Planning Applications in the Commons Ward

Hurn Way Care Home

An appeal has been lodged against the refusal of planning permission in June 2021.

The appeal reference is APP/V1260/W/21/3280644
Appeals can be viewed on the Appeals Casework Portal
Those who objected against the proposal will have received notification of the planning appeal and your initial objections will be passed onto the inspector who will be assessing the appeal. However fresh objections are always useful even if you only send in your previous objections as they reinforce the strength of feeling. We have until 15th February to submit any objections, so please send your views asap.. (Courtesy of Hurn Way residents)

PLANS for a 69-bedroom care home in Christchurch were turned down after the director of adult social care for BCP Council objected to it along with more than 200 residents. Christchurch Town Council had also objected to the proposed scheme due to its "scale, bulk, mass and height, which renders the development inappropriate in design and character". Another opponent was Natural England, which claimed the development, with its proximity to the SSSI at St Catherine's Hill, would have an "adverse" affect on the area. The Jumpers and St Catherine's Hill Residents Association agreed.

Refusal notice

Hurn Way care home

Construction of a care home with associated parking, access and landscaping on land at no.74 Hurn Way and to the rear of nos.66 - 72 and 76 Hurn Way Hurn Way Christchurch BH23 2PD.

To see the Application details use reference 8/19/1589

St Catherine's Hill land sales

Development on land on the corner of The Grove and Barrack Road

Application for Flats and Houses on Corner of The Grove - Refused December 2021

A new application has now been submitted for a block of 35 flats and 4 dwellinghouses - Application number 8/21/1214/OUT

This application by Richard Carr came before the BCP Planning Committee recently. There were 275 objections and it was recommended by Officers for refusal. It was refused - but only just - by 8 votes to 6. Six Bournemouth and Poole Members including the Committee Chairman, voted to grant the application. BCP Cllr. Margaret Phipps challenged the Chairman of Planning with a question at Full Council, as to why nearly half of the Committee Members had gone against the officer recommendation to refuse the application because they "liked" the development, when it was contrary to so many policies. He replied that policies were open to interpretation. Cllr. Phipps said she thought that what had happened did not give the public confidence in the Committee. The full question and answer are noted in the Minutes of January's BCP Council meeting. Refusal notice and Minutes of planning meeting

Outline planning application for a block of 51 flats and 4 dwellinghouses with associated parking

Grove flats

To see the Application details use reference 8/21/0410

Proposed Hurn Incinerator

Location - Eco Composting Ltd Chapel Lane Christchurch BH23 6BG

Hurn eco plant

Eco Incinerator at Hurn given Planning Permission

Despite 719 objections, which we think could be a record for an application to this Council, a waste incinerator at Hurn was granted approval by the BCP planning committee on 8th March.
Vanessa Ricketts spoke at Committee on behalf of us both and Hurn Parish Council in objection, but to no avail.
Nine Councillors, all from Bournemouth and Poole voted to approve, whilst four, including two from Christchurch voted for refusal. To us and very many watching the meeting there appeared to be much enthusiasm to grant coming from the Chairman. Ultimately it was proposed for grant by the Chairman (East Cliff Ward) and seconded by the Vice Chairman (Alderney Ward) with 7 other Bournemouth and Poole Cllrs. following suit. Because this development is in the Green Belt the Secretary of State (SoS) will have to give final approval. A coalition of local environmentalists intend to challenge the consent, and have advised the SoS that they will be writing to him. As well as the Green Belt objections, they consider this type of wase disposal to be outdated and harmful to the environment by releasing nanoparticles into the air which cannot be removed by filters.
As far as we are concerned this is just another example of Cllrs. from the other two towns not listening to the views of Christchurch residents.
Your BCP Ward Cllr Margaret Phipps

Proposed development comprising the installation of a low carbon Energy Recovery Facility for the generation of electricity and heat through a low-emission thermal process using residual waste; including a new administration building and associated car parking area; associated reconfiguration of existing and permitted uses; an increase in permitted waste throughput; landscaping and associated works.

To see the Application details use reference 8/21/0207

Public land and buildings map

This shows publicly owned or occupied land and property assets in Dorset, including Bournemouth and Poole.

Government Guide to Calling-in planning applications

A Guide to Public Speaking at Planning Control Committee

Neighbourhood Planning

A new way for communities to decide the future of the places where they live and work.

town centre
ChristchurchTown Centre Strategy

Christchurch Hospital

Marsh Lane School

Druitt Hall and Gardens


Localism Act

Road Improvements

SE Dorset Transport plan

Before becoming involved in an objection to a planning application, we should be mindful of:
  1. the attitude of local residents who are members of The Association;
  2. whether or not a point of principle is involved as we should not become involved in spats between two neighbours over matters of taste but should only object to development that damages our overall environment;
  3. whether or not CBC or local Councillors are likely to refuse permission, there being no point in objecting just for the sake of it. In other words there must be proper, relevant, grounds for objection;
  4. whether or not an appeal to Bristol against a refusal was likely to succeed, it being counterproductive to put CBC to needless expense.

The coalition Government has largely put a stop to the back garden grabbing that caused so much ill will and did much to increase population density and bring the local road system under even greater strain. In the current economic climate this means that the number of on-going developments at any one time is now quite small.


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