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Weekly Progress Report on Current Planning Applications and Development Services Appeal Progress Schedule

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Government Guide to Calling-in planning applications

A Guide to Public Speaking at Planning Control Committee

Neighbourhood Planning

A new way for communities to decide the future of the places where they live and work.

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ChristchurchTown Centre Strategy

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Localism Act

Road Improvements

SE Dorset Transport plan

Before becoming involved in an objection to a planning application, we should be mindful of:
  1. the attitude of local residents who are members of The Association;
  2. whether or not a point of principle is involved as we should not become involved in spats between two neighbours over matters of taste but should only object to development that damages our overall environment;
  3. whether or not CBC or local Councillors are likely to refuse permission, there being no point in objecting just for the sake of it. In other words there must be proper, relevant, grounds for objection;
  4. whether or not an appeal to Bristol against a refusal was likely to succeed, it being counterproductive to put CBC to needless expense.

The coalition Government has largely put a stop to the back garden grabbing that caused so much ill will and did much to increase population density and bring the local road system under even greater strain. In the current economic climate this means that the number of on-going developments at any one time is now quite small.


Older planning issues