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               West Dorchester council offices

Boundaries Commission Report - New electoral arrangements for BCP - October 2018

Bournemouth-Christchurch-Poole Joint Committee - Meeting Notes

Christchurch Council and the Judicial Review
    Precis of the Judgement - 9th August 2018
    JSCH letter to Grant Thornton - 11th May 2018
    Grant Thornton reply - 4th July 2018
    JSCH letter to Grant Thornton - 9th July 2018

Judicial Review - Council's Supplementary Opinion - April 2018

Judicial Review received by CBC re SOS decision - March 2018
    What is a Judicial Review?

Secretary of State letter to Cllr Flagg - February 2018

Secretary of State - Approval of Future Dorset - February 2018

Secretary of State letter to CBC - February 2018

Poole letter to Secretary of State - January 2018

    Poole letter Appendix A
    Note this is the same as Appendix C attached to the Bournemouth letter but easier to read

    Poole letter Appendix B

Bournemouth letter to Secretary of State - January 2018

DCC to SOS on "Minded To" letter - January 2018

DCC letter to SOS on Hampshire proposal - January 2018

Our analysis of CBC alternative proposal - January 2018

Our report on SOS "Minded To" letter - December 2017

CBC Referendum - November 2017

Secretary of State submission - November 2017

Joint Committees Proposal - June 2017

CBC Referendum Report - March 2017

WCRA Summary of Reshaping Dorset - December 2016

Level of Participation in Public Consultation - November 2016

Interpretation of Results of Public Consultation - October 2016

ACRA Financial Analysis - August 2016

ACRA Summary - June 2016
      Existing Council Structure

ACRA Report on Non-Financial Issues - 1st June 2016

Exploring Options for the Future of Local Government in Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole - Meeting 10th March 2016
        Minutes of the Meeting
        Agenda Item 3
        Intangible Costs and Benefits

PLANS are being discussed for a combined authority for Dorset's nine councils.

The county has been awarded Government funding to explore new ways of authorities working together in a bid to accelerate economic growth in the area.

The combined authority would involve the six borough and district councils as well as Dorset County Council and unitary authorities in Bournemouth and Poole.

ACRA Blog for Local Government Reorganisation

Consultation on the provisional Local Government Financial Settlement
    The Rt Hon Greg Clark MP's letter to Chris Chope MP - 8th February 2016
    Chris Chope MP's letter to ACRA - 7th February 2016

Local Government in Dorset ACRA letter to Chris Chope MP - January 2016

Local Identity in Christchurch - a letter from local residents - January 2016

Councillor Colin Bungey's Letter to the Daily Echo - December 2015

Credibility of Financial Analysis - December 2015

CBC Scrutiny Committee Meeting 8th December 2015 -
     Building Business Case documents

ACRA letter to Cllr Ray Nottage - 30th November 2015

Letter to ACRA from Cllr David Jones - November 2015

Cllr David Jones speech made in County Hall - 12th November 2015

DCC Report On Combined Authority - October 2015

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