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Marsh Lane Proposal CN3

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Christchurch and East Dorset Councils Core Strategy Policy CN3 states "Land to the east of Marsh Lane off Fairmile Road is allocated for residential development. The Green Belt boundary will be amended to exclude land identified for new housing."

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The Marsh Lane Action Group

Latest Update - 5th November 2012

Core Strategy Proposal CN3 (Marsh Lane)
The Schedule of Proposed Changes to the Core Strategy confirms that Policy CN3 (Land east of Marsh Lane) has been deleted in its entirety from the plan, together with its allocation of 90 homes.

The Marsh Lane Action Group would like to thank all those people who supported the campaign to try and stop this development. Every objection form that was completed and every letter that was written played its part in achieving this success.

Road Safety (Marsh Lane)
We are still waiting for a response from the County Council on the petition that was presented to Christchurch Borough Council early in September to try and obtain road calming measures in the straight part of Marsh Lane / Bronte Avenue.

Update - 9th September 2012

Marsh Lane Action Group (Campaign against Core Strategy - CN3) The Planning Team at the Council has now finished keying responses to its Pre-Submissions Website, which are now being analysed. The final totals of responses were: Marsh Lane - 690, Roeshot Hill - 411, Burton - 197. The numbers show the success the Marsh Lane Action Group had in mobilising local residents against the Marsh Lane proposal (CN3) of the Core Strategy, as virtually all of those responses are objections. We still await the dates for the next phase of the process, which is the review of the proposals and the consideration of alternative sites. We must assume that we will not now here the outcome until at least the end of October. Marsh Lane featured in the Daily Echo again on 13th August following a meeting with the Portfield councillors which resulted in them issuing a statement to the Echo regarding traffic congestion along the main Fairmile Road. This article later featured on the front page of the Christchurch Advertiser. Marsh Lane Action Group (Campaign for road safety improvements) The Marsh Lane Action Group gathered 84 signatures on a petition requesting road safety improvements in Marsh Lane / Bronte Avenue following a serious road accident at the end of June. The petition is to be presented to the Full Council meeting on Tuesday 4th September. Councillor Neale is pressing for chicanes to be used as a traffic calming measure. The story has also been sent to the Daily Echo and we believe this will probably be printed once the Council meeting has been held.

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