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Chairperson - Sue Fotheringham

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

November 2022

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Christchurch Town Council Neighbourhood Plan Consultations


Under the Old Town Hall, 30 High Street, Christchurch, BH23 1EA

Saturday 5th November 2022 (from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm)

Monday 7th November 2022 (from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm)

Online consultations will be live from 5th to 30th November through Consultations | Christchurch Town Council (

Christchurch Town Council would like to invite all residents and businesses associated with the town to find out more about the progress of the Christchurch Town Neighbourhood Plan and to share their views on the ongoing plan.

Following the initial scoping survey in February/March 2021, the Christchurch Neighbourhood Plan Working Group has been busy gathering evidence, conducting site research and engaging with various stakeholders regarding the key themes identified through the scoping survey. The Working Group has also been working with consultants for the preparation of a Design Code and a Shopfront Guidance and planning to run car park and traffic management studies to effectively address the traffic and parking issues.

The Working Group is now looking to listen to residents’ views on the work done, through public consultations that will be held on 5th and 7th November under the Old Town Hall. In addition, for those unable to visit the Old Town Hall Consultation, there will also be online surveys which will be available through Consultations | Christchurch Town Council (

Hard copy surveys will be available on request, so please email or call 01202 022479 to request a hard copy.

Cllr Dr Robert Luscombe, the Chairman of the Christchurch Town Council Neighbourhood Plan Working Group, encourages all residents and businesses to have their say for the future of Christchurch.

Following the previous residents consultation that took place 18 months ago, a lot of work has been undertaken towards developing our draft Neighbourhood Plan. We would now like to consult again with residents to both share the work to date to and seek their views and opinions. The Christchurch Town Council Neighbourhood Plan will help us shape the future of Christchurch and input from residents is a key element of this work”.



What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

All planning applications are assessed against policies and criteria set out in both national and local policies, as well as legal matters.

Nationally the National Planning Policy Framework (“NPPF”) sets out the “high level” policies; with the local level plans being set by Local Planning Authorities (usually Unitary, Borough, District Councils). The local level plans are called “Local Plans”.

As a Town Council the law allows for the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan in consultation with the local community. Once a plan has been created and has passed a referendum and been adopted by the Local Planning Authority it shall become a factor to consider when planning applications are assessed.

This means that the Local Planning Authority are obliged by law to consider the Neighbourhood Plan. As a mechanism to influence the places and spaces we live in, Christchurch Town Council has set out on this journey.

Neighbourhood Plan website

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Christchurch Town Council

Councillors | Christchurch Town Council (

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Councillor Vanessa Ricketts

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West Christchurch Neighbourhood Policing Team

PCSO for Christchurch West - Anna Lillywhite

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