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Community Matters - October 2021

We are run by a committee of volunteers and a team of helpers who give their time free of charge in an effort to protect the environment that we all enjoy whilst living in this beautiful area
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression.

This right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
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BCP Covid cases
Police Neighbourhood Team
Phishing emails
Community Speed Watch Day
E-Scooters Seized
Dialling 999 by mistake
Garden Waste Services 2022
Citizens Advice
Explore the River Stour
WOW walk to school challenge
Christchurch u3a AGM and talk
News from our BCP Councillors -
Grass cutting
Jumpers bus shelter
Planning application Grove/Barrack road
Customer Service
Proposed Cycleways

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BCP COVID cases Latest weekly figures

We have seen significant increases in COVID-19 cases across the county this week. The BCP Council area has seen sharp rises along with the wider South West region. The number of people in hospital in Dorset with COVID-19 has increased by over a third in the past week to 53. Case rates are highest amongst school-aged children, but we are seeing cases rise in all age groups.

Summary of the most recent data:

7 day case rates per 100,000: 408.3 (compared to 267.3 in last update on 1 October)

Confirmed cases in last 7 days: 1,621 (compared to 1,061 in last update on 1 October)

The vaccine gives you good protection against serious illness, but it doesn’t stop you from catching or spreading the virus. It is not a magic protective cloak, and that’s why we need to keep up some other measures to stop the spread of COVID-19. We can’t run the risk of putting additional pressure on our health and care services this winter, so we’re asking residents to do three things now:

KNOW that your level of personal risk is changing – as cases rise, you have a greater chance of mixing with someone who is infectious

ACT by taking measures to prevent airborne spread – meet outdoors wherever you can but if you do meet indoors keep windows and doors open and bring extra layers if you need to

PROTECT yourself and others – do twice weekly lateral flow tests to catch the virus early, and if you’re not yet vaccinated, now is the time to get your jabs.

If we all work together now, as we have done throughout the pandemic, we can take action to bring cases back down and hopefully prevent the need for any further restrictions in the coming weeks and months.

A message from the Police Neighbourhood team

Fraud and cyber crime are the most common criminal offences in the UK. Analysis of Action Fraud reports showed that 86% of frauds had a cyber element to them. As the threat from cyber crime continues to grow and evolve, it’s important to remember one thing - most of it can be prevented. By following just a few practical steps, you can make it harder for cyber criminals to get into your devices and online accounts.

In order to better understand what steps you are already taking to stay secure online, we would be grateful if you would please complete the short survey we have created. Your answers will help us to determine what areas of online security we need to focus on over the coming months.

Please note: the survey is completely anonymous and we don’t ask you for any personal information. Survey answers will not be shared with any third parties.

Survey link –


Email hacking or phishing (pronounced ‘fishing’)

These are called phishing emails because they are fishing for information – if they actually get money out of you that’s almost a bonus. By replying, you are acknowledging that you exist and you become a target for follow-up email.

These types of email tend to be produced by automated programs (some times knowns as ‘bots’) hacking into email systems and stealing peoples’ address books and then sending out false emails to every address they find. At this point the hacker hasn’t even looked at what the bot has done and has no idea whether the address is valid, still in existence or still in actual use. By replying you are effectively saying ‘Hey, I’m here’ and I’m dumb enough to reply. Now the hacker knows they have got a valid address and can target it more specifically at some future point.

How can you spot these types of phishing emails?

Check the sending address in the original email. Some email systems will show the name followed by an email address, obviously check this is a genuine one. Even if it is, the hacker might have changed the auto-forward settings on the email account so all future emails go to them. It is worth checking this on your email accounts and turn off auto-forwarding.

Do a ‘reasonableness’ check. Would you expect this person to be asking you for help in this way? If not ignore it and delete it. DO NOT REPLY.

Look at the language. Often these types of email contain obviously poor English.

If you know the person then try phoning them to check they sent the email and what their problem is.


Community Speed Watch Day see over 300 Warning letters to Motorists.

Over 140 volunteers who give their spare time to reduce speeding in their towns and villages have taken part in a day of action with 335 drivers being issued with warning letters. The education and enforcement event saw 35 teams carry out 48 one hour sessions across Dorset on Tuesday 7 September with 58 per cent of those speeding being from Dorset. Community Speed Watch is run through Dorset Police and provides an opportunity for volunteers to work within their community to raise awareness of the dangers of speeding and to help control the problem locally. Teams use radar detection devices to monitor drivers exceeding the speed limit at locations agreed with Dorset Police. This equipment does not record an image so the volunteers record the vehicle details and pass these to the Force for their vehicle and driver information to be checked before a warning letter is issued.


E-Scooters Seized As Part of Operation To Tackle Their Illegal and Unsafe Use

The illegal use of e-scooters remains an important element of our Operation Relentless anti-social behaviour priority and this summer the Force has carried out two days of action. Individuals were asked to sign an agreement that they will stop using their e-scooter illegally on public roads. In total since the beginning of the year, over 40 riders of privately owned e-scooters have been stopped and spoken to before being issued with warnings. Officers also have the power to seize e-scooters that are either found to be used illegally or involved in criminal activity. Over the course of the summer, 14 have been taken away from riders for being used in criminality, with a further 11 e-scooters having been seized for having no insurance.


Police Force offer advice to those who dial 999 by Mistake

Dorset Police is offering advice to callers who accidentally dial 999, in an effort to reduce unnecessary demand placed on operators. The Force has seen an increase in the number of 999 calls recently, many of which are abandoned. There are lots of reasons someone may abandon a call to the emergency services, for example a person calling in a crisis situation who is unable to ask for help. The most common reason for an abandoned call is someone accidentally ‘pocket dialling’ emergency services. This is where the phone is not locked and accidently calls 999. A 999 call is recorded as ‘abandoned’ when the line is disconnected before the caller speaks to a member of the emergency services or confirms to a BT 999 operator that they are safe and well. Superintendent Jared Parkin, Head of Contact Management for Dorset Police, said: "When a 999 call is abandoned, it can waste precious time that could otherwise be spent helping someone with an emergency and potentially saving a life. "When an emergency call is abandoned without speaking with the caller, operators in the contact centre spend such a long time researching the phone number and associated details to ensure there is no threat or risk to the caller." Last financial year, 2020/2021, Dorset Police received a total of 111,312 emergency 999 calls, of which 21% were actual emergencies. Superintendent Jared Parkin continued: "We understand that accidents happen, but if you do call 999 by mistake, please stay on the line to tell us everything is ok – otherwise valuable resources are taken away from answering other calls." Here are some tips from Dorset Police to reduce the chance of accidental 999 calls:

1. Keep your phone safe and out of reach from children 2. Lock your phone before you put it in your pocket 3. Talk to children about how and when to call for help in an emergency – but how prank dialling 999 for fun can have serious consequences for them and others 4. If you dial 999, stay on the line. Otherwise we will call you back. The police want to know that you are safe and it saves us valuable time. Every second counts. 5. Is your call an emergency? Is there a threat to a life, risk of harm or injury?



Sign up to Garden waste services for 2022

If you’re passionate about pruning or wild about weeding, then why not sign up to our garden waste collection service for 2022. This service runs fortnightly from February to December 2022 and costs £46.44 per bin. In order to receive all 22 collections, you must register for the service by Friday 17 December 2021. If you prefer to home compost, don't forget BCP have teamed up with Get Composting to provide an exclusive offer of discounted home compost bins. A 220 litre compost bin can be purchased for just £6 and a 330 litre bin is just £8. Link to BCP Garden Waste Services


Message from Citizens advice

If you, or someone you know, is struggling financially as a result of the pandemic, help is available. We are working with Citizens Advice to offer help to local people who are in need of support, such as families, couples and individuals who are on a low income and need help to pay utility bills and get access to food. Support is subject to your current circumstances and may require further engagement with financial resilience guiders. Apply for support online or leave a message on 01202 081732, and someone will be able to help you. Link to Citizens Advice Website


Explore the River Stour from your own home

If you've ever wondered what is waiting to be discovered along the River Stour, then why not read Ethan Cutler's stunningly descriptive blog as he ventures down the river. Ethan, who is in his late teens, started blogging for us last October. Alongside his descriptive text, you can also see some beautiful wildlife pictures that he takes. Link to Ethan's Blog


BCP Council and Living Streets join forces for WOW walk to school challenge

Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking, and BCP Council's Sustainable Travel team are joining forces to encourage more pupils and their families to walk, cycle or scoot to school. Find out about the Living Streets WOW Walk to School Challenge in our latest Transforming Travel blog post. Link to Living Streets WOW Walk to School Challenge article



Christchurch u3a Monthly Meeting – Monday November 8

Christchurch Baptist Church, Beaconsfield Road, Bargates, Christchurch BH23 1QT

Annual General Meeting followed by Michael Heatley speaking on "Dolly, Daltrey, Geldof ... and me!" The man who met the biggest names in music tells their untold stories.


Your local councillors

Christchurch Town Council -
Councillors | Christchurch Town Council (


News from Your BCP Ward Councillors -

Margaret Phipps and Vanessa Ricketts


Grass Cutting

As you may know this year saw a “trial” of only cutting certain areas and leaving others to be “natural”. We both received so many complaints about areas looking really scruffy, with the long grass encouraging litter and making it difficult to pick up dog poo. Also, some pets were coming in with ticks from the uncut grass and seeds from weeds were blowing into residents’ gardens. We have held a meeting with Council officers expressing our views that the trial was not a success in certain parts of our Ward. They have agreed to review the situation and liaise with us so that the untidy grass problems encountered this year do not recur in 2022.


Jumpers Corner Bus Shelter

Earlier this year the bus shelter was demolished by a traffic accident. We know that many of you who have contacted us really miss the shelter and we have been pushing hard to get it reinstalled before winter. The good news is the new shelter is now back, however, the seat and real time information display are both still on order and will be installed when received. At least there is now shelter from the winter weather.


Planning Application 2/21/0410 The Grove/Barrack Road

This is an outline planning application for a block of 51 flats and 4 dwelling houses with associated parking. The consultation period for this application has now closed. Due to the number of comments on this application it will be determined at committee (date to yet be set) and the good news is that both BCP and the highways authority are recommending this application for refusal.  Thank you to everyone who commented on this application.


Customer Service

Christchurch Independents from across the Borough recently met with the Chief Executive to express, amongst other things, our concerns regarding the poor levels of customer service that our residents are experiencing. We are often contacted by residents who cannot access the information they want, or contact BCP staff either via the website or by phone. The meeting was well received and productive and we hope that the concerns we highlighted will shape the future service levels of the authority. We continue to push for improvements.


Proposed cycleways under Transforming Travel Government Funding

We have met with officers and the portfolio holder to discuss the proposed cycleways that affect Commons Ward. These are – a) the scheme that runs from Throop across the Stour to Hurn Airport and beyond to Trickett’s Cross; b) the scheme that runs from Riverside Avenue, through Sheepwash and across the golf course to Stour Way; and finally, c) the Barrack Road scheme. Barrack Road is the most contentious and was not able to be discussed fully at this time because of the high number of comments, and the petition received in objection. This means that it requires further review and we will meet officers again after that. However, we were able to fully express any concerns we have regarding the other two schemes. These include the conflict of walkers/cyclists and golfers at Iford Golf Course. All of our comments are being taken into account and additional design work is being undertaken which will be brought back in the near future for further consideration.


Contact Us

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