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February 2015

Local NHS Clinical Services Review

A local public meeting – part of the pre-consultation stage of this review which has an implementation target of 2020-2021 – indicated that this process will cover all aspects of NHS activity in Dorset: primary care: acute and trauma care; rehabilitation; care at home (and in nursing homes); holistic considerations (transport, location of services); responsibilities of social care agencies and local councils.

The review is taking place as part of a scenario which predicts an annual financial shortfall of around £200M pa by 2020-21 and will involve local residents in a formal consultation in summer 2015.

Amongst other things the review will address the following issues:
  • Although the reason for the review is the financial deficit, there are other problems. For example the attrition rate of local GPs and hospital consultants is very high;
  • Following the failure of the national database, it is essential that an integrated IT system be introduced for Dorset which is still very much paper based;
  • There are no community hospital facilities in the Bournemouth/Poole/Christchurch conurbation;
  • Christchurch is ahead of the game as regards preventative health care as we have a Health and Well-being Board – the only part of Dorset to do so.
Our thanks go to Mike Collard of ACRA and SAMRA for attending the meeting for us. This website gives more information:

Hospital Report - Emergency Care

Bournemouth Hospital reported an exceptionally busy Christmas and New Year period including an unprecedented level of demand on our emergency services – up 24% on the previous year. They implemented a number of measures to cope with this demand, such as nurses who do not usually work on wards being re-deployed to assist ward teams.

Dorset Police - Dorset Alert – The Story Continues

Last month we told you about Dorset Police and the managerial problems they were experiencing with their alert system that should send e-mails to residents asking for help in apprehending criminals.
Our umbrella body ACRA wrote to them and we eventually received a very constructive response of which the following is a synopsis:

Strategic oversight and centralisation
The centralising of all communications into one department for consistent strategic oversight is being implemented now and we will ensure that Dorset Alert is integrated with our other activity.

Standardisation, templates and quality-control
We agree with you that the quality, frequency and prioritisation of Dorset Alert messages are inconsistent. This is largely because the system is reliant on the good will and time of volunteers, who currently create the majority of messages.

There is a need for them to receive better training and support through new oversight and quality-control measures, plus the creation of templates and guidelines for use across Dorset. In addition, this guidance will direct local Inspectors and Safer Neighbourhood Teams in their use of the system, and create commonly understood criteria for the prioritisation of messages. 

Consistency and prioritisation (with other communications channels)
In addition to greater consistency and better prioritisation within the system itself, we share your frustrations when comparing Dorset Alert with other communications channels – such as the police website and local media such as The Echo.

The transfer of Dorset Alert will improve the situation as it will be considered one of many channels that we use depending on the need of an incident or issue. This will mean, for example, that when we issue a press release to the media, the same information will be sent via Dorset Alert, being received by subscribers and journalists simultaneously.

Of course, not everyone is online, so this is an area where Residents Associations and Watches can provide real value in helping to ‘spread the word’ beyond email subscribers to other local people.

User Group to improve dialogue
When the system is transferred we intend to set up a quarterly User Group to resolve this. It will be a mixture of professionals, representatives of our internal users (mainly Volunteers and Safer Neighbourhood Officers) and a cross-section of message recipients; including community representatives such as you, individuals who have signed-up and other local organisations that use it.

We shall be meeting a representative of Dorset Police to consolidate this. If you want to enrol to receive Dorset Alert messages go to

We have been contacted by the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and financially motivated cyber-crime run by the City of London Police in conjunction with the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau.

They have asked us to highlight the following issues that they will be addressing over the coming months and that you should be alert to:
  • People who call to tell you that there is a problem with your bank card and that they need to collect it from you to fix the problem;
  • People who cold-call you in order to sell an investment in shares or precious metals, or who want you to invest your pension fund money;
  • People pretending to be someone they are not in order to persuade you to send money to a new bank account to pay for say an invoice;
  • People who want to infect your computer or smartphone in order to steal your banking details or “lock” important files to prevent you from using or viewing them;
  • People who persuade you to pay a fee in advance of receiving a product or service - which never materialises. The classic is a supposed lottery prize you have won.
  • People who phone purporting to be Police Officers in the Metropolitan Police asking for money to be sent to them or for bank details, relating to a supposed crime
They have kicked off with advice to job-seekers and how they can avoid being defrauded. Go to and “latest updates”

Navitus Bay

The Examining Authority has decided to include the developer's last minute additional proposal for a smaller wind farm (known to them as the "Turbine Area Mitigation Option" and to us as “The Cunning Baldric Plan”) into the examination.  It is presented as an additional option not as replacement for the current larger proposal which is being examined. To us it looks like a ready-made compromise solution which, once implemented, can subsequently be expanded.

In any event, both schemes still envisage a motorway size trench from east of New Milton to north of West Moors

Proposed School at Marsh Lane

We are scheduled to meet DCC with representatives of other interested parties early next month. We have prepared an analysis of local roads for DCC planners and you can read that on the website and click on “latest updates”

New Road Works

Councillor Margaret Phipps has provided us with a commentary on some of the imminent road developments in our area. Her full report and map of the proposed new Hurn Roundabout can be found on the website and “latest updates”. In summary the note covers:

Road Works – A347 Parley: New Road

The A347 New Road, West Parley will be closed from Monday 2nd to Sunday 22nd March 2015 from approximately 150 meters (165 yards) south of Parley traffic signals to Ensbury Bridge (the bridge over the Stour).

A diversion route will be signed via the B3073 Christchurch Road to Longham, A348 over Longham Bridge and A341 through Kinson – a route that is already overloaded in the rush hours.   All the businesses at Parley Cross will be open and accessible from the crossroads.

During this closure work will start on repainting and repairing Ensbury Bridge, continuing until 3 July.   Following the reopening of New Road a restriction of narrow lanes will allow light vehicles such as cars, vans and buses to pass over the bridge but not HGVs.
Road Works – A338 Spur Road
Between September 2015 and April 2016 it is planned to carry out works to the A338 between Blackwater Junction and Ashley Heath Roundabout. The road will be dug up to be restructured and resurfaced, drainage works will be carried out, and concrete barriers will be erected along the length of the central reservation to replace the existing metal ones.
These works have the potential to increase traffic through our area and it is likely that we will face delays at peak times during the works. It is planned that there will be 24 hour working, 6 days per week, Monday to Saturday inclusive.  There will be one lane of the A338 open in each direction at all times. 
Road Works – B3073 Hurn Roundabout
DCC wants to increase the capacity of key junctions on the B3073, including Hurn Roundabout. They believe this will relieve existing traffic congestion around the airport and help to facilitate new development in the area. They expect to submit the latest planning application in Spring/Summer 2015.

For more information visit

Advance warning - we have a public meeting on Thursday 23rd April at 7.30pm when DCC will talk about this and other planned changes to our local roads

Council Tax 2015-16

As predicted the CBC Resources Committee has been asked to approve an increase of 1.95% in Council Tax. A budget of £5.4 million will be funded by £3.5 million in Council Tax and £1.9 million in direct income and grants. At County, Cabinet has been asked to sanction an increase of 1.99%

Christchurch Gun Club (CGC)

The CGC, which operates on St Catherine’s Hill at the top of Sandy Lane, has applied to CBC to modify its facilities. We know from past events that many of you are unhappy with various aspects of CGC operation and in particular: noise; standard of driving on the unmade roads that lead to the club; and antisocial behaviour that occurs on their premises when club members are not present

CGC have written to one of your committee members addressing these issues and you can read the letter in full on the website and click on “latest changes”.

In summary the letter says: the proposed new building is the same size as the existing facility; the size of membership of CGC is capped and that will not change; it is hoped that the new facilities will reduce the noise level; members are disciplined if they are caught driving in an irresponsible manner; the new design should reduce the level of antisocial behaviour. We shall see.

What’s On

There’s a Creature Teacher event on 21st February. Go to for more info on this and other local events
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