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August 2012

Police Messaage-1-Beware Imitation Officials

The new recycling and rubbish collection scheme will soon be implemented. TJK Logistics will be delivering new containers on behalf of Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) from Monday 20 August in Christchurch. All containers will be provided free and will remain the property of Dorset Waste Partnership. A garden waste collection service is available upon request at an additional subscription fee payable through council (website or) offices only and not at your home. You will not be asked for money on your doorstep.

Teams of DWP advisors will be available to answer resident's questions. They will carry photo I.D cards and will deliver information packs with a contact telephone number and details of collection dates for your area. Further information is available on the website www.dorsetforyou.com/recyclefordorset

(WCRA Note: You should receive a letter during August from Dorset Waste Partnership inviting you to subscribe before 1st October 2012. Their phone is 01305-221-040)

Police Message-2-Cat Shooting

In mid-July a domestic cat from Old Barn Road was shot and killed using an air rifle. The body was discovered on Hurn Road. If anyone has any information please let Dorset Police know on 01202 552-099 quoting Incident Ref: I15.495.

Those Three Supermarkets

We received a reply to our letter from CBC Chief Executive (you can read it on the website).  We then undertook various pieces of research and met with the people representing the proposed Morrison development at Stony Lane. In particular we investigated the Old Magistrates Court site between Barrack Road and Bargates that appears to be one root of the problems.

We now understand that this site is substantially owned by The Dorset Development Partnership and that Dorset County Council is the major member of that organisation - to quote the Public Sector PLC website:

We are closely integrated into the delivery of the (Dorset) County’s Asset Management Strategy. The County is seeking to generate substantial revenue savings through the rationalisation and disposal of surplus properties. The partnership will seek to accelerate this programme, increase the savings and generate enhanced capital receipts.

Detailed consideration of this site made a very late entry into the planning process first time around for reasons we can only guess at but which are no doubt related to the above statement. However, we believe that the need for DCC to convert assets into cash, no matter how acute, must not be a determining factor in how Christchurch develops its town centre.

We have written to CBC saying that and more. If you want to read the whole of our letter, go to www.wcresidents.co.uk and click on planning. Then scroll down to Bailey Bridge and look for ACRA letter to CBC

The hearing date for the re-run of the aborted planning meeting is 3pm on Tuesday 23rd October
Dangerous Trees

Many thanks to everybody who contacted us – we think we have now visited each location and talked to the residents concerned. We will be writing to CBC about their tree policy, quoting the sites we have seen.

We contacted DCC and after some arm twisting an officer found his way to West Christchurch to look at one of the trees that is damaging both the road surface and the pavement. He has now gone to report back to the Dorset Dumas and we await developments.

Airport Meeting

We attended a regular meeting with Airport Management.

Manchester Airport Group has centralised many operations meaning the autonomy of airports in the group has been changed. A major overhaul of internal workload has been completed and staff will be multi-tasking on a long term basis. The result of the changed working practices is that there will be nine staff lost and three proposed new roles in the airport fire service have been cancelled.

As far as route development is concerned, discussions are under way to have the Dublin service increased to two round trips on six days weekly. In addition, a feeder service to Dublin is under review to link with a flight to USA.

Marsh Lane Action Group

They have given us a short newsletter that we have put on the website so that those interested can read it for themselves. Go to www.wcresidents.co.uk and click on planning then scroll down to Marsh Lane Proposal

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