Supermarkets; the wind farm; Marsh Lane; the hospital; that £2.50 airport charge

July 2012

Navitus Bay Wind Farm

In the April 2012 Newsletter we gave you some background on this huge proposed development off the Needles. In June we discussed the project with CBC and then met representatives of Eneco (the smallish Dutch company involved in the development who have now joined forces with EDF). 

We now know that the cables which will carry the generated current to the National Grid will be housed in a covered trench 30 to 60 meters wide that will come ashore east of Barton Golf Club and head first north and then west around New Milton to Hinton.

It will cross the A35 at The Cat and Fiddle and head north west through the Brockhamtons, by-passing Sopley to the east before turning west again to cross the A338 near the Ski Centre on Matchams Lane. A north westerly route will then take it through Hurn Forest, across the A31 west of St Leonards  and on to West Moors and so to the Grid Sub-station at Mannington – some 35 kilometres (22 miles) in total.

The major impacts of the proposed development appear to be: the effects of the technology on the local region (the turbines will be clearly visible on the skyline for example); the economic ramifications; the effect upon wild life and us. We don’t have the expertise to really evaluate these implications and so have joined a group called “Challenge Navitus Bay” that is coordinating local responses.

However – a plea for help – if you have expertise in this field (or you know somebody who has) and would be prepared to help us – please get in touch. We need all the help we can get!

The Local Strategic Plan - Houses off Marsh Lane

The latest East Dorset-Christchurch strategic plan proposes that we meet Central Government targets for new housing by building between Marsh Lane and the Avon. We commented on this some time ago when the strategic plan was at an earlier stage of development (it's been chuntering along for some time).

These new houses are part of a much larger proposal that includes developments at Parley Cross and Roeshot Hill. We questioned (a) the basic premise that such a volume of additional housing is needed (b) the effect upon all forms of infrastructure (roads - particularly the B3073, hospitals, doctors, schools, etc.) and (c) the effect upon a sensitive environment such as the Avon valley.

From past experience of these plans we do tend to see them as a bit of a box ticking exercise. They are driven by Central Government and devised without any regard to the funding needed to bring them to fruition. When we met CBC at the end of May we asked about additional funding for this latest strategic plan. The fact is there is none apart from the airport giving Dorset some money to improve the B3073 near the airport. Dorset's finances remain in a very difficult position. Christchurch is getting by but has some very difficult decisions to make looking two years ahead.

Local residents have formed an action group (as have people at Parley Cross) and we’ll keep you posted as to future developments.

Investment in Local Transport

A recent announcement indicates that a joint bid by Poole-Bournemouth-Christchurch Councils has been rewarded by the granting of Central Government funds to our area to improve bus lanes, cycle lanes, and so on. Full details at look under Environment and then Roads

The Hospital

We’ve received an interesting article from Sue Bungey, Deputy Chairman of Governors of the Hospital Trust. Amongst other things, she is disappointed by CBC’s lack of response to current plans. To read it go to and click on “planning” and then on the left hand side “Christchurch Hospital”

Please note where Sue indicates that she is hoping to speak at our September public meeting she means Thursday 25th October2012 – a date for your diary

Local trees – ones that cause problem

Another request for help: are you aware of a local tree that is in any way dangerous to you or is damaging the road, the pavement or your property? If you are, please tell us about it. We are about to enter into discussions with CBC about these trees and need to have a knowledge of the size of the problem

That £2.50 Charge at the Airport

We imagine you recall the fuss when this charge was introduced. At long last the Airport Management have produced a comparative schedule of charges operating at other airports. You can find it at and click on “sundry” and then on “airport”

Overgrown Hedges

The exceptional weather is causing trees and shrubs to grow like triffids with the result that some are encroaching upon pavements, which causes difficulty for those with impaired sight, mothers pushing prams, and do on. CBC have asked us to remind you that as a householder you are responsible for trimming hedges and so on back to the boundary of your property – something which they have the power to enforce should they choose to exercise it.

Quantum Supermarket Scheme at Bailey Bridge

As we promised in the Special Alert we had a long conversation with CBC Chief Executive David McIntosh. We then consulted with other local Residents Associations before writing a letter to CBC. The letter is from our umbrella group ACRA which incorporates the other Residents Associations. To read what we have said go to click on planning and then scroll down the page to the Quantum data.

If you want to read the minutes of the CBC Planning Committee Meeting and other related official documentation go to:

Our Collectors

The weather is making life very difficult for our collectors as they endeavour to renew your membership. However half way through June a lady who is collecting for us for the first time delivered her completed collection to us. She had managed to enrol every house in her street by going round in the rain, working on the assumption that people would be at home - a truly fantastic effort!

Our New website

Our web master Eileen Lancaster has been hard at work redesigning the website to make it more user-friendly. We hope you’ll find it easier to find your way around –
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