Waste removal, road repairs, and more

March 2012

New waste collection from October 2012
This potentially thorny subject has given rise to considerable local comment. So we asked the person responsible for its local implementation, Councillor Margaret Phipps, to write a note about it. You’ll find it on the website www.wcresidents.co.uk under “Dorset Waste” and click on the heading “New Waste and Recycling Collection Services”.  The note about anaerobic waste digestion is also worth reading.
Good News Department - Marlow Drive and Hillside Road
At our public meeting, following a fascinating presentation, Dorset County Councillor Spencer Flower was asked about the much needed repairs to these two roads.  After the meeting he went and had a look for himself. We’ve just heard from him that repairs have been brought forward to June 2012. So well done Councillor Sue Spittle for raising a petition and well done us for getting Spencer to visit West Christchurch and see for himself.
That plan for the hill doesn’t affect me – does it?
We suspect it does!
Talking to local residents we have been surprised to hear some people say that the St Catherine’s Hill Management Plan doesn’t affect them.  If you live anywhere in-between the hill and either the Stour or the Avon then rain water is flowing off the hill and passing under your property on a bed of clay on its way to the river. Page 14 of the draft plan gives details.
Proper, balanced, management of the hill is important to all of us who live here. Do you realise that most of the trees you can see from Hurn Road-Fairmile Road are going to die at about the same time? We need a plan for slow, phased replacement or we are going to be in trouble down the line.
There is one argument that we have continuously raised. It is completely wrong for people who don’t live here to have a greater say in the future management of the hill than we the local residents. This means that the volume of local response to the public consultation is vital. Please have your say and ideally make individual responses rather than a blanket household response.  It would help if you could encourage your friends, relatives and neighbours to do the same.
Reponses can be made through the WCRA Website www.wcresidents.co.uk  The new management committee (of which we are a member) will be collating all responses received and should a sufficient body of opinion wish to have parts of the plan amended this will have to be addressed by the committee when drawing up future plans.
If you would like to discuss any concerns with ourselves or other members of the Steering Group there will be a second, and final, drop-in session on Friday 9th March, 4 -7 pm at the Hall on the Hill, Marlow Drive.
The closing date for responses is 30th March.
Hospitals Merging – Public Consultation
Poole Hospital and Bournemouth Hospital NHS Foundation Trusts want to merge. If you want to read all about it and have your say go to www.rbch.nhs.uk

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