January 2012

Happy New Year to one and all

Help Needed
The public consultation for the St Catherine’s Hill Management Plan will start on 1st February. Starting on the weekend 4th and 5th February we need to distribute an explanatory leaflet to as many homes in West Christchurch as we can manage. All that is involved is walking up to your neighbour’s front door and posting a folded A4 sheet.

If you can help us with this please get in touch. If you live in a cul-de-sac and just offer to do those houses – that will be great. If you live in a street and offer to do 20 houses each side of you – that will be fine.

We must ensure that the “silent majority” are given every opportunity to have their say on how this most valuable local amenity is managed in the future. Please help us to do that.

St Catherine’s Hill Management Plan
Please note a date for your diary – Saturday 25th February from 10.00am to 5.00pm will be a “drop in day” at the Hall on the Hill, Marlow Drive. All the organisations that have participated in drafting the plan, including us of course, will be present to discuss with you any aspects of the draft Management Plan.

Travellers’ Permanent and Transit Sites
Dorset County Council is undertaking a public consultation on this topic. The only potentially contentious proposal in Christchurch relates to Grange Road, Friars Cliff which involves a change of use away from industrial land with a consequential loss of jobs. If you want to express an opinion then go to our website www.wcresidents.co.uk and follow the link on the left-hand side.

Our Public Meeting
We have a public meeting on Thursday 23rd February at 7.30pm in the Hall on the Hill. Dorset County Councillor Spencer Flower, the man in charge of the money, has agreed to address the meeting. This, so far as we know, is the first time that such a senior Dorset Councillor with such a difficult and key task has agreed to do this – and at a time of some budgetary difficulty. Please, let’s have a good turnout for what should be an illuminating meeting.

Planned Demolition of Druitt Hall
Christchurch Council has given us a definitive statement of the current position. If you want to read it go to the website www.wcresidents.co.uk and look up the ACRA Minutes for December under minute 8.

Also New on the Website
A fascinating document from Chris Chope MP about the Association of Chief Police Officers
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